What To Watch For

We obviously hope that you will choose Nordick Seamless Gutters for all your seamless gutter needs. However, whoever your choice is, we don’t want you to get stuck with a raw deal. So, here are some tips on what to look for when shopping for a gutter hanging contractor in our great state of Minnesota.

Hire Licensed Contractors

It is illegal in the state of Minnesota for gutter contractors to work without a license. This is for the protection of the consumer. Be sure any contractor has a license before you hire them. Nordick Seamless Gutters is a licensed and insured contractor.

Think Longevity

Hiring the cheapest contractor two, three, or even four times over twenty years is always going to cost you more than getting the job done right the first time. Anyone can hang gutters that will look ok from the ground. Make sure you find someone whose gutters will stand the test of time. We carefully set the pitch of the gutters to the downspouts, so they don’t hold standing water. Everyone’s gutters may last five years. It’s after that when the quality work of Nordick Seamless Gutters continues to shine.

Warranty Small Print

Many contractors offer a “Lifetime Warranty” on their gutters. Be careful! Some of these warranties are fine, but some of them are very short. Make sure you understand how the contract defines the word “lifetime.” Look for it in the small print. If you can’t find it, ask the contractor to point it out to you. At Nordick Seamless Gutters we offer a 20-year warranty, with no small print or hidden meanings.

Keep It Clean

Be sure when you hire someone that they will be respectful of your property and clean up after themselves. There are far too many stories of flower beds being trampled and scraps being left in the yard. Nordick Seamless Gutters will treat your property as if it were our own. We’re careful, and we clean up after every job.

Don’t Be Pressured

Some Gutter companies try to pressure you to “sign right now.” They’ll tell you that you’ll get some great discount if you do. We do not recommend doing this. Once you have signed you are legally bound to pay, even if things go wrong, or you no longer want the service. Plus, this also takes away your ability to shop around. We offer estimates with no pressure and no money or commitment on your end up front. Let’s say you tell us that you want Nordick Seamless Gutters to gutter your house, but before we start you discover an unexpected expense, or there’s an emergency, or you just decide now isn’t a good time. That’s ok. Just cancel the work, and we won’t charge you. You could also re-schedule the work at a later time.

Ask About Flashing

To some companies, flashing is optional. It may not be mentioned at all. Flashing is included on all gutter jobs installed by Nordick Seamless Gutters. We don’t want water to drip behind the gutters and start rotting your facia boards.


What is the thickness of the gutter material being used? Is it steel, aluminum, or plastic? Are there seams in the gutter? Will the gutter color match the facia color? Will the downspout color match the siding color? Do the downspout placements make sense; was it explained why? What style miters and straps will be used? Nordick Seamless Gutters uses only the highest quality Rosco sealer (not silicone), heavy duty brackets, heavy duty hex head screws, .032 aluminum (the thickest), and box miters for the corners. By using only these top quality materials, sometimes it will cut into our profits compared to our competitors, but we think quality gutters done right are worth it.

Box Miter vs. Strip Miter

Some might disagree with us on this one, but we recommend that you ask for box miters for the corners in your gutter system. In our over 25 years in the business, it has been the experience of Nordick Seamless Gutters that the box miters last longer, not leaking as easily. We only use high quality box miters, with a proven sealer, in our work.