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Nordick Seamless Gutters is a licensed contractor in the state of Minnesota.
Contractors are to be licensed in the state for the protection of the consumer.

Gutter and Downspout Installation

There are many colors from which to choose so Nordick Seamless Gutters can best match the gutter to the color of the facia boards and match the downspouts to the color of the siding of your house.

At Nordick Seamless Gutters, we use the best quality materials we can find.

  • We use .032 aluminum gutter coil to form the gutters on site, to length, having no seams other than the corner miters and endcaps.
  • Flashing is included on all jobs where we install the gutters, if there is not already a drip edge installed. We don’t want water to drip behind the gutters and start rotting your facia boards.
  • We only use the highest quality Rosco sealer (not silicone), heavy duty brackets, and heavy duty hex head screws.
  • We recommend you ask for box miters for the corners of your gutters. In our over 25 years in the business, we’ve found that they last longer and don’t leak as easily. We only use high quality box miters in our work.

The Rosco sealer is made for the installation of aluminum gutters. Nordick Seamless Gutters has found, from experience, that the bond of this compound holds up to the challenge, with a good bond and fewer call backs for issues of leaking, than the less expensive silicone for sealing the endcaps and mitered corners.

We strive to do the work correctly the first time, however, if you discover an issue that needs attention, simply give us a call and we will respond quickly to remedy the situation.

Nordick Seamless Gutters brings the roll of aluminum gutter coil and the forming machine to your home to produce the exact length of seamless gutter needed for the job.

Some installers drill or cut a hole and install an insert, or “drop out” tube, to which they attach the downspout. Nordick Seamless Gutters chooses to punch a hole that folds the aluminum from the gutter bottom down as a funnel. This leaves one less seam that needs to be sealed as the “funnel” extends inside the downspout.

Covering Your Gutters

We install a high quality rigid cover to keep the debris out of your gutters. Properly installed covers will allow the leaves and other debris to roll off, or blow off, of the roof and covers. The homeowner can eliminate cleaning gutters from the seasonal work list while also avoiding clogged downspouts.

The metal covers are rigid enough to remain in the proper position as installed. The micro-screen insures that only water will pass through into the gutters. Whatever gets through the fine screen will also freely flow down the gutter and the downspout.

Improperly installed gutter covers allow leaves and debris to accumulate on the covers, reducing the effectiveness of the covers and the gutter system.

Plastic covers, over time, may become concave or even fall into the gutter, causing issues that cause the covers to fail in functioning properly.

Improperly installed gutter covers allow leaves and debris to accumulate on the covers, reducing the effectiveness of the covers and the gutter system.

If the covers do not reduce the maintenance on your home, were they worth the investment? The proper installation of a quality product will reduce your home maintenance work load.

Gutter Cleaning Service

If your gutters are not operating properly, we can clean out your gutters and downspouts so they can once again function as they were meant to. We will also inform you of any issues we notice as we clean your gutters. If the cleaning of your gutters is a regular need, perhaps gutter covers should be considered for your home.

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